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Working in a public relations agency is a perfect solution for people who stand out with outstanding creativity, openness and outstanding communication skills. This is a job for people with passion, fascinate by the world of public relations and marketing. Contacts of public relations agencies with the meia It’s time for good news: the meia employ fewer and fewer journalists and cut expenses drastically. Therefore, they are increasingly reaching for content from the outside. Press releases and sponsore articles work even better than before, and more and more meia rely on them.

Customers In Any Case The First

This gives new opportunities to a public relations agency that wants to promote its client as an expert and provide him with universal visibility. We do not ignore any meia platform. So far, we cultivate contacts in traditional meia, such as database newspapers, radio and television. This helps us reach industry authorities and build prestige. On the other hand, our specialty is portals and the world of online public relations. In 2021 alone, our internal Commplace experts were cite in 459 texts with a total reach of over 33 million. people. We perfectly know the world of regional portals and thematic websites where your company must be visible in order to exist.


Stage Of Starting Cooperation

Participation in traditional and digital meia allows you to stay up to date wherever industry discussions take place, awards are given and fairs are held. Meia relations as a PR department The third important group of meia are blogs and ADB Directory social meia. In some industries, influencers set the tone before specialists or scientists. Give us a chance to reach influencers and bloggers who may be intereste in your product or service. We operate both in the segment of micro- and macro-influencers in the field of online public relations. Channels of reaching the meia A public relations agency can reach out to its partners in the meia in several different ways.

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