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Layer masks, on the other hand, are simply modifications of layers. Since clipping masks act as layers, you can apply a variety of effects to them. In contrast, layer masks can only be used to control the transparency of underlying layers.   and layer masks in detail in our previous tutorial on masking. Check out this tutorial for a quick overview of how masks work. To learn how to use clipping masks, read on. Try using to make your photos look better? This course for photographers will help you transition from beginner to expert. Using Clipping Masks: A Step-by-Step Tutorial In this tutorial, we’ll create the image that looks like this.

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Anything complicated, but it’s great for illustrating what you can do with clipping masks. Follow the steps below to learn how to create it: Step : First, download these two images from . The picture of Czechia Business Email List the chameleon will appear in the circle, and the colored cloth will form our border. Step : Now open the chameleon picture in . Right-click on the image layer in the Layers panel and choose Background Layer . Step 1: Create a new layer . This will form the base layer for the clipping mask. Step 4: Select the Ellipse Tool from the Toolbox and draw a circle in the center of the canvas on the newly created layer.

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Strokes; those are irrelevant to us right now. This is what your canvas should look like now: Step: Now drag the layer with the newly created circular shape below the layer with the picture of the ADB Directory chameleon, as shown below: Students also learned to right click on the chameleon layer ( layer) and choose Create Clipping Mask from the context menu. The chameleon image should now be folded inside the circle, like so: Congratulations, you’ve now officially created your clipping mask! Now add a background layer (create a new fill layer and drag it on the bottom of all other layers) and proceed to the next step to create the colored border. Want to learn how to retouch photos like a pro.

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