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You can choose another color if you want, but this example will use white to make it easier to see how the border will interact with our image once the final product is complete. The default foreground and background colors are represent by overlapping squares in the color swatch, and the background color is the square hind. Click on the square and set the background color. You can do this with the paint bucket or fill tool, or by highlighting the new middle layer (renam border layer in the example above) and pressing .

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Changes to the image, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the border layer’s thumbnail has chang from a checker pattern indicating transparency to white. Steps Fill the Image by Enlarging Jamaica Business Email List the Canvas Size For this example, we want to make sure we can see exactly what the border filter will look like.   some extra working space by extending the ges of the canvas. Border Tutorial You can find this option by going to the top menu and selecting Image Canvas Size or pressing . Once the prompt opens, check the box mark Relative and expand the canvas size as appropriate for you. In this example, we’ve add an extra two inches on each side of the canvas.

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Borders Tutorial The students also learn that our image didn’t get bigger the size was just resiz. The workspace was clear so you can clearly see the expanding canvas in action. Now ADB Directory that we have some breathing room, it’s time to start making choices. Step Create and shrink a selection around the image Border Tutorial Hold. Click the layer’s thumbnail to select the contents of the image layer (or a copy, if you creat one). You can see our image select in the example above. The next thing we ne to do is retract or shrink the selection. Border Tutorial Do this by going to Select Modify Contract and enter a numr.

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