Taco Bell serves up Y2K nostalgia with Paris Hilton for Volcano Menu return

Taco Bell has partnered with Paris Hilton for the return of the 2000s fan favorite Volcano Menu, according to a press release. The Volcano Menu returns nationwide on June 29 and for Rewards members on June 27.
The QSR will mark the menu launch with its first-ever hotline.The catchphrase “that’s hot” in the mid-2000s.

Taco Bell becomes the latest brand to tap into 2000s nostalgia in pairing

The return of a fan-favorite menu with a celeb tied with the era. Press materials also tease forthcoming TikTok elements and new music from Hilton as part of the effort. Join the Vietnam Mobile Number List thousands of fintech leaders who read Banking Dive’s Fintech weekly newsletter to stay on the pulse of the latest industry news and what it means for their company. Central to Hilton’s participation is a hotline that serves up pre-recorded advice from the heiress and former reality TV star. School tactic with its own nostalgic charm — as a way to engage with consumers.

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Taco Bell is utilizing 2000s nostalgia to promote the return of its cult-favorite Volcano Menu, which features extra-spicy items including the Volcano Taco, Double Beef Volcano Burrito and Lava ADB Directory  Sauce that were discontinued in 2013. Since then, brand fans have looked to bring back .

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