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The region, generating $100 million annually. As we have analyzed in previous years, the composition of this interesting audience is diverse in all aspects, age, gender, purchasing power and cultural interests. Towards 2020, understanding the hyperconnectivity of the , the focus is now on another point of the journey: new platforms and official video game in-person events, and the convergence of blockchain and crypto for a safer and more profitable experience. Gamer Events in Latin America Tour Latin America We are just a few.

Latin American gamer community

Days away from kicking off this important UAE Phone Number List event in Mexico City, where there will be Gaming Arena, eSports and Gaming Content, , and the Grand Finale. Come live with attendees through meet and greets, in addition to being accompanied by pop and rap celebrity cosplayers and influencers. National Buenos Aires, Argentina: Gaming has become an economic development strategy driven by governments in the region. For example, the government of Buenos Aires, Argentina announced a few weeks ago to stimulate the.

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Brand Activation booths

Gaming and eSports industry by making the ADB Directory city its main headquarters. initiative as it will soon be added at the end of the month. Chile, another booming country in the region, reverted to an in-person format a few days ago.  part in the Valorant and League tournaments. legend and more. A new trend in recent years is cross-platform, which is an online gaming feature provided by some video games, allowing gamers to play the same game regardless of.

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