Those with physical challenges

You have to think about both quality, SEO, continuity and much more to be successful with the blog. Moo Gruppen can help you get a blog that converts potential customers into actual customers. Among other things, we can help you get an SEO-friendly blog that becomes more visible in Google. Contact us today if you want to know more!User testing for people with disabilities – an additional service? User testing of software is done, among other things, to ensure that the software can be use by people with disabilities. Many have functional impairments such as impaire vision, impaire hearing, color blindness or the like.

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This can make it challenging to use websites and software, for example due to small font size or other reasons. There are a number of measures that make it possible for people with disabilities to use software and websites on an equal basis with India Phone Number List able-bodie people. This could, for example, be the possibility of enlarge text, voice recognition and the like. But who can actually offer user testing with the aim of making software and websites accessible to? User testing as an additional service Some companies offer user testing of websites and software as one of several services. This causes some people to raise their eyebrows.

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A customer centre that also offers user testing

Many companies claim they can offer the market’s best user testing with the aim of improving services for people with disabilities. Some companies ADB Directory basically offer other services, and have almost thrown in an “extra service” with user testing. Imagine . that also offers junk food. Would you, for example, have ordere user testing from a company that initially works with something completely different – such as welding or felling wood? Probably not.

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