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Roughly 2500 years ago, Greek fabulist, Aesop wrote his cautionary fable about a race between a tortoise and a hare. SPOILER ALERT: the tortoise wins the race. Not because he’s faster. Not because he’s smarter.  He wins because he puts in consistent work while the lazy hare alternates between bursts of spee, showing off and taking naps. At the conclusion of the story we read the timeless line: Slow and steady wins the race.   today as it was in Aesop’s time. The most successful ad campaigns are those that have gone through continual testing, optimizations based on learnings, and monitoring day after day.

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Always funIt isn’t always glamorous. Much of the work that goes into it is spent sifting through data and looking for trends that guide you to small, well-educate Cyprus Business Email List decisions and adjustments. But, when you see the fruits of your weeks and months of labor pay off, it’s every bit as exciting as that fable “silver bullet” moment. In fact, oftentimes it’s better—because you’ve set your business up for continue success for years to come. By the way, if you’re interest in seeing what a sustainable marketing strategy that provides years of value would look like for your business, let us know here or in the comments.

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What you’re doing and help you put together a roadmap for long-term, sustainable success. When it comes to online marketing, few things are as important and yet as ignor as attribution ADB Directory models. Simply put, attribution models are how you credit different marketing channels for their contributions to a conversion. Early in your advertising, your attribution model doesn’t matter very much. If you get a conversion, it’s usually the result of a single marketing channel. But, as you expand into more marketing channels and your business becomes better known, things get more complicat. Unfortunately, while the marketing journey might be more complex, most marketers continue to rely on simplistic

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