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Local adaptation gives you the most control, so we’ll stick to that for now. ge Glow:   of objects in the image glow. Experiment with adjusting the radius and intensity of the glow. When done correctly, it can produce some really interesting effects and give your images a retro, dreamy feel. Tone and Detail: Here you can control gamma, exposure and detail. These are technical terms and are yond the scope of this tutorial. By now, you should know the following: Dragging the gamma bar to the left (ie higher gamma values) will accentuate the whites in the image and make them appear more wash out.

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the brightness and highlights of the image. Higher detail increases the visible difference tween shadows and highlights. Lower details give the image a painterly look, while higher details Nicaragua Business Email List make the image appear richer and more vivid. Experiment with these settings until you get the desir effect. Advanc: Under the Advanc tab, you can control the shadows, highlights, vibrancy, and saturation of your image. Increasing shadows increases the darkness in the image. Moving the highlight bar to the right has the opposite effect it increases the amount of white in the image. Vibrance controls the contrast tween colors.

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The more colorful your images will appear. Increasing Saturation has almost the same effect, although many people find Vividness too harsh. Saturation can also affect the skin tone of ADB Directory your subject, something you may want to avoid in portrait photography. if There are people in the image, I recommend changing the vibration and keeping the saturation. Curves: You can also control the amount of light shadowing in your image by manipulating the curves. Understanding curves is a complex technical task, and you can learn more about it in this tutorial on mastering photography. Different methods and modes also have different options. Experiment with settings until you get the desir effect. When finish, click OK.

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