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The cartoon and comic effects in are not only fun, but will make you look like an art pro.   use them: a personal greeting card, on your Facebook page, or even a coffee mug that Walgreens can make for less than $5. The technique is simple, relatively quick, and painless. let’s go! fore we start, let’s make some assumptions: you have a basic understanding of and know how to do it, you’ve explor artistic filters, you understand what layers are, and you’re not worri about the program crashing. (If you run out of memory, you might get a black screen of death, but not an explosion.

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Course to get the most out of this tutorial, and most importantly, don’t afraid to experiment! How to Cartoonize Your Portrait The first thing you ne is a high-resolution image of the character Belize Business Email List you want to turn into a cartoon. Uncle Bubba or Aunt LuAnn are always good choices cause they like to see themselves in everything. Images should crisp and sharp, with good detail and fairly flat skin tones. Don’t worry too much about the background, as objects hind the person can create some unexpect but interesting effects. But just make sure your subject has well-defin facial features and no excessive contrast (no heavy shadows).

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Translate well to the toon effect technique explain here. Boring portrait photos are also not suitable for making a good caricature. If you had a choice, choose the one with Bubba sitting on the ADB Directory bumper of his Chevrolet drinking a er. Open the image in , then right-click the background layer in the Layers panel to immiately duplicate the background layer; then choose Duplicate Layer from the pop-up menu. This prevents the original file from ing accidentally destroy or otherwise mess up. Next, you want to use Smart Blur to ruce the skin texture and smooth the image.

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