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Create a document that describes template styles for designing social networks. The guide is written by the designer, but you can make a simpler file yourself. What you ne: Fonts and font pairs. Usually they use – a font of different weights and styles. : Devices, Selection Methods, and Success Examples” for more details. Color and tone. Color conveys mood and creates accents. The color wheel will help with compatibility issues. graphic element. A set of decorative figures and graphic elements. For example: frames, moldings, decorations.

See the article Font Pairs

Substrates Layout scheme. Diagram of how Norway Phone Number List template elements are plac relative to each other. For example, in a post, the text is strictly center, while on a cover, the text is shift to the right corner. Guidebook Example Guidebook using a graphics itor and transfer the main colors, fonts, and layout schemes from the guideline. For example, select a font from the list in ” or upload your own. The same goes for pictures and graphic elements – there are ready-made options and buttons for uploading files. Set background color – you can specify the color tone or choose a free picture Set background color – You can specify a tint or choose a free image to set the color and you can make gradients – this feature also works with geometric.

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Example Create a template

Shapes Add gradients to backgrounds – transitions ADB Directory and their levels can be adjust Add gradients to backgrounds – transitions and ” Features will help you adjust the size to meet the requirements of the social network. For example, adjusting the cover of a group on Facebook or a post on Facebook. Resizing Templates Resizing Templates In the Templates section you can take any design you like and change it yourself – change colors, fonts, image arrangement. Use the colors and fonts from the guide to customize the template Once the template is fill with content, save it to your device and post it on social mia. To save the template and reuse it, click Create Design – the layout will be sav in the My Designs section.

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