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Najika has just been accepted into a prestigious culinary academy and now discovers that she needs more than talent to make her mark in the world. The comic is full of easy recipes for novice chefs to try at home, sweet stories and comedic successes. Manga students also learn that Shigeru Tsuchiyama’s Yakumo is not about cooking food, but about eating it and savoring every bite. The name roughly translates to Yakuza Buffet, and the story revolves around inmates in a Japanese prison and what they eat on New Year’s Day. Each inmate tells a story of the most delicious meal they’ve ever eaten and competes to get an extra piece of the hearty meal they’ll share.

Mixed Vegetables by Ayumi

Komura Typical cooking manga or story of star-crossed lovers? In “Mixed Vegetables” we tell the story of two young students: Hanayu, who grew up in her parents’ patisserie and dreams of Estonia Business Email List becoming a sushi chef; and Hayato, who loves baking desserts but works at her parents’ sushi restaurant. While readers wait to see if the romance will blossom,  orgies. Iron Pot What do you get when you combine Kung Fu action with God of Cookery? is a talented chef who has just arrived at a high-end Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. Eager to show everyone around him his work, the comics are full of fun facts, tips and recipes for amateur cooks to follow.

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Honey Sweet Kitchen by

Tetsuko Yamamoto “Honey Sweet Kitchen” follows the actions of college dropout Minato, who is now the principal of her late grandmother’s culinary school. Minato took advice ADB Directory from friends and relatives and handpicked lecturers for the school, but the real fun began when school opened. Saeki Jun’s “Spirit of the Halberd Eater” Soma Kohei only wants to surpass his father’s culinary skills and become a full-time chef in the family restaurant. Unfortunately, just as Soma was getting closer to his dream, his father closed his doors and went to Europe to cook.

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