The training and construction phase

Training a chatbot is a continuous process, and insights from previous conversations with the customer can be use to improve the bot. If you see that the bot is having difficulty answering a question, you can easily give it more training examples, so that it is capable of answering the question in question next time. kindly chatbot About Kindly We are Kindly, and we are passionate about language technology and teaching machines to understand people. We’ve built Kindly, a powerful, easy-to-use platform for building intelligent chatbots, and we offer full implementation – with project management, training, integrations and continuous follow-up in the same package.

This and several other integrations

Connect the chatbot to other services. Connect your chatbot to Facebook Messenger, or let the customer track the package directly in the chat through an integration with Posten or PostNord. mean that Kindly’s chatbot can do even more for your China Phone Number List customers. Moo Gruppen sets up your chatbot Moo Gruppen has a good collaboration with Kindly and helps you set up the chatbot on your website. We carry out research and measurements to find a setup that is uniquely adapte to your nees. Get in touch to find out how a unique chatbot can increase engagement with your customers and free up your capacity.

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Kindly already has good plugins against important players

How we procee Base on dialogue with our customers, we map out how a chatbot can best help you, where we also look at which requests you get the most ADB Directory from, so that together we can define the scope of the chatbot. After the plan is define, we move on to, where together we build your very own chatbot. When this phase is finishe, you will have one or more super users, who have the expertise to develop the solution further and thereby make the chatbot even better.

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