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Shooting Yourself in the Foot Having worke directly with several companies that have had that “flash in the pan” moment, I have seen exactly how detrimental it can be to a company’s long-term success, especially for small to medium-size companies. The initial excitement is almost always followe by an “oh crap” moment as reality sets in and the unprepare team is face with the logistics of fulfillment on products or services. More often than not, this leads to a poor work environment and a poor customer experience.

Once things have settle

Down and business goes back to normal—or possibly slightly better than the previous normal—many companies get bore. They start going down the path of “how can we do it again?” While Luxembourg Business Email List they have experience the challenges first hand, they miss the excitement and they start chasing it. So much so, that I have seen companies go under because they are more focuse on the next “big thing” than they are on the repetitive daily tasks. Tasks, that if taken seriously, compound over time to build a strong, sustainable business. Are Your Expectations Off-Target? The truth is, the most successful campaigns have a strategic plan, they are run across multiple channels, and they show steady success over months or years.

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As an agency we see

Similar mentality from some of our clients, especially from startups and those who are new to marketing. These individuals approach Disruptive as well as other agencies looking for ADB Directory the “silver bullet” that will solve all of their business’s issues.   the right set of keywords and the right ads will transform the business overnight and put it in a successful position. After all, they have a good product or service, they just need that one brilliant idea marketing secret and they’ll be the next big thing. Unfortunately, even the best marketing does little to compensate for a poor business plan or an unproven product.

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