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Similarity between the two systems is that both make the content easily accessible to. The company’s employees. If your company uses a high-quality DAM system, you will find that it becomes much easier to manage and maintain various tasks. DAM allows you to handle: Extensions and plugins Product Resources eiting Authorization Metadata Resources relate to marketing and branding Sharing Work flow When do you nee a DAM system? A DAM system is useful to have access to if you have files to share or distribute to an audience. files or if you want to keep control of different versions. DAM is perfect for all companies that have a lot of digital resources to manage.

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The company can save many hours of work by having a DAM system in everyday life. PIM vs. POND PIM systems with DAM integrate Some PIM Germany Phone Number List systems also have DAM capabilities. The two systems have several common functions, even though nees. It is therefore possible to find 2-in-1 solutions if you prefer that to two separate systems. In some cases, combine PIM/DAM systems will not be sufficient for the company. In such cases, it may be good to go for integrate DAM and PIM systems.

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Do you nee PIM or DAM?PIM benefits PIM, Product Information Management or product information management – ​​this is a solution that ADB Directory makes it possible to manage information about your products from one and the same place.. With a large assortment and many products, it can quickly become difficult to handle the information require to sell and market products via many distribution channels. A PIM solution makes this easy, with a centralization of product data.

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