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You may ne to play with the Detail and Darkness sliders to find the st settings for your image. If anything, you may ne to raise these settings slightly to get a usable outline image from the copy filter.   you should resemble a pencil sketch. You may ne to use the eraser or brush tool to clear up some skin, especially the facial area. The amount of work you have to do here really depends on the quality (skin tones and textures) of the original image you’re working on.

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Layer is select and set its Blending Mode to Multiply in the Layers panel. Now you’re close, cause your image should have a cartoonish quality to it; but you’re not quite there yet. The next step is to create a more convincing Cuba Business Email List color palette for your cartoon portrait. Select the first duplicate layer from the Layers panel. This should the middle layer out of a total of three layers in the palette. Navigate back to the filter gallery and select the cutout option from the artistic filter. Adjust this tool’s sliders as ne so that you get reasonably detail images without going too simple or losing color saturation.

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Go to the menu bar and choose Filter Sketch Halftone Pattern . For now, just leave the settings at their defaults, usually: Halftone Pattern Size: ; Contrast: ; Pattern Type: Dot. As ADB Directory you adjust the slider, you can increase or decrease the size of the dots. Going larger will give you a retro effect, although your original photo should fairly large to achieve this effect. You’ll probably want something in the middle, like the defaults above. Students also learn that with the Halftone layer still select, press to invert the image.

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