The key is to experiment

Step You will now see the finish image. If you like what you see, save it as a or file (you cannot save images as or ). This is what my final image looks like compar to the original image: The changes are very subtle, but you’ll notice that the image on the left has darker shadows (look at the shadows on the girl’s arm and the shadows of the leaves on the grass), And has an almost retro feel to it. You can experiment with various settings and achieve many different effects.  with different exposures both in raw and in post-processing. But what if you only have one image to work with.

Is there some magic

I can use to upscale the image to ? Fortunately, a new feature call tint is includ in , which mimics the merge-to effect, alit with only one original input image. Let’s take a Antigua and Barbuda Business Email List brief look low. Using Tint in To use Tint ( only in ), go to Image to adjust Tint. You’ll see a bunch of options, which you’ll notice are exactly the same as those merg into above. You can experiment with the settings, or use one of the many includ presets. I use the Surreal preset, then ruce the Radius of the ge Glow, ruce the Saturation and Detail, and increase the Highlights to achieve this retro film-like effect.

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As you can see

The possibilities are endless. It’s not really , since you’re only using one image, but the effect is comparable. Photography is a powerful tool that can help you take tter photos. Learn how to use ADB Directory it effectively in this course and learn how to use iting to create powerful images. If you want to create web pages or blogs, compare photos on , and other social networking sites, you ne an image iting program. and are the st image iting programs and the most important tools. We’ll continue to discuss the specifics of the program to make sure it’s the right one.

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