The domain name could be exactly

The best domain names are usually between 6-14 characters long , but if you can choose between different lengths, always go for the shortest one . It is understandable, as already mentione, that the simplest and shortest names can be use, so we recommend limiting yourself to a maximum of 2-3 words when choosing a name . Even if the world’s longest domain name with an extension is 253 characters long, we definitely recommend avoiding such a long name, because first of all it would be quite difficult to remember, and also very annoying to write in the address bar, because it would just take a pointlessly long time.the length of the domain name.

It is easy to remember

When talking about the length of the domain name, we can also encounter Miller’s law or “Miller’s magic number”, which was create by the American Latest Mailing Database psychologist George A. Miller, whose principle is that the range of immeiate memory and absolute decision-making power is limite to about 7 pieces of information . So using this law when creating a domain name, 7 characters long. Since there are many different things to remember in today’s fast-pace world, a good length domain name will help your page be remembere even more.

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That branding is critical

What is a well-brande name? We all know to long-term success , but what makes a domain name brandable? There are many different factors to ADB Directory consider here, but the most important are: It is unique . Your competitors don’t use names too similar to yours. . In order to remember the name well, in addition to the beautiful spelling, it should also sound good when pronounce. It sounds reliable . If you work as a lawyer, for example, the domain name advocator.

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