The dialog that pops up

At the top of the window, navigate to Filters Blur Smart Blur.  gives you four main options, including Radius, Threshold, Quality, and Mode. The st way to see what these options. Is to experiment with them (as with most other filters in. But for now, the following values work fairly well for this step: Radius: Threshold: Quality: Low Mode: Normal Grasp​ Filters explains the Smart Blur tool in more detail. As you can see in the example, you want to keep the features, but smooth out all the highlights and lines. By using a blur filter, you can see the ginning of the cartoon.

Next well adjust the contrast

This can done quickly with level adjustments. Plus, it’s cool to use cause it looks like something Doctor Who uses to calibrate time travel. You can use the shortcut key to quickly access the Levels Costa Rica Business Email List adjustment, or navigate to the Image Adjustment Levels . You don’t want to drive the contrast crazy, but you do want to increase it enough that the image has flat skin tones and little detail, but still has strong, recognizable facial features. Drag the black slider to the right to lighten the image, and drag the white slider to the left to darken the image.

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Don mess with the middle

Slider in this project; that’s for the midtones, now we’re going to boost the highlights and contrast. Popular Lessons After adjusting the contrast, right-click. Choose Duplicate Layer to ADB Directory duplicate the layer. careful not to duplicate the original background layer in this step. In the tools panel, set the foreground color to black and the background color to white. Then, using a duplicate layer, navigate to the Filter menu again and select Filter Gallery . Chances are you’re already familiar with the plethora of art toys in this gallery. But resist the temptation and jump right into sketching copies.

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