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If it happens to be extrinsically motivating, even better! Here is a good article in Estonian about finding motivation . A good test for this is to imagine yourself several months into the future, after completing an activity that you think has good passion potential. Then imagine benefits disappear and you are left with only the activity itself and whatever satisfaction you get from it. Would you continue this activity? Additional question no. 6: Is this activity something I can be good at? Cal Newport argues in his excellent book “ So Good They Can’t Ignore You ” that finding or discovering your passion is basically a waste of time because most of us are not born with a passion that can be discovere. Instead, he argues, we should try to develop passion.

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Finding activities in which we can develop a high level of skill, competence, and expertise. In other words, he claims that: Passion is the result of mastery. Of database course, in some ways, this begs the question – how do I know which activities are worth pursuing for mastery? Here I suggest you think again about the first five questions. Regardless of whether you can find your passion or have to build it.


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The process naturally involves understanding your own innate tendencies and preispositions (questions 1-5) as well as working to cultivate and develop a ADB Directory passion that supports. discovery and cultivation gives us the best chance of finding true passion. Finding a Passion Summary and Key Points Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself about any activity to determine if it’s something you can become truly passionate about, plus a sixth bonus question: Does the activity include various forms.

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