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Then change the Blending Mode to Linear Light in the Layers panel. ! You’ve successfully turn your portrait into a caricature! You may ne to adjust the opacity of some layers for a softer effect.  takes precence over the layers low, so start from top to bottom (for example, if you set the middle layer to opacity and leave everything else as is, you won’t see the difference cause the figure layer) tops are opaque and nothing can seen through them. Now, you might want to add a thought balloon so it really looks like a caricature.

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Add a balloon or walkie-talkie is to type thought balloon free clipart in , click on the image and you’ll see a variety of balloons that you can right click and save for use. (However, aware of copyright; look for images without watermarks, as Guatemala Business Email List they will show up even with the search parameters you use. The difference tween a balloon and a sound film is a person thinking or saying something aloud, as shown low : You ne to remove the background, unless you’re lucky enough to find one with a transparent background (try using that in your search too). Next, open the image of the balloon or walkie-talkie in (we’ll call it a balloon from now on).

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Newly creat cartoon and make sure the top layer is select. Then, go back to the balloon image. Go to layer copy layer and a dialog box will appear asking where you want to send this layer, which ADB Directory of course is your Select the name of your cartoon file and bingo! Your balloon sits on top of the cartoon. NOTE: By making sure the top layer is select, you can place it on top of the cartoon image. New layers are always plac on top of the current working layer Above (see how much you’ve learn?) Empower your team. Lead the industry. By subscribing to your organization’s library of online courses and digital learning tools.

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