Promote collaboration in business through the workspace

There are offices and then there are the inspiring desks an inspiring office is often synonymous with creativity in any case. A workspace is not a neutral thing: it influences the way of working. It shapes and reflects the company’s mode of organization. It is a vector of productivity and collaboration between employees more than a workplace. Today’s employees demand a space conducive to collaboration beyond the framework alone. They also want more flexibility. Autonomy and the ability to choose when and where they work this is why the conception and design of a workspace must be central to a company’s strategy the layout of offices should not be taken lightly and must be done intelligently. While being transparent and involving the main stakeholders: the employees this is rule the importance of a good workspace for productivity over the past decades.

There’s one thing that never changes

The impact of space on employee health and well-being according to a study conducted by office genie with more than 2.000 employees in great britain. The layout of the workspace is the factor that has the most influence on the happiness of employees: 33% say that the design is the main element contributing to their motivation and a motivated employee also means a stronger sense of loyalty. More willingness to be Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List productive. Not to mention also the gains in creativity and the reduction of stress according to the engage for success institute. Organizations with the highest employee engagement rates can be up to 18% more productive and have up to 40% lower turnover than those with a higher engagement rate weak you will understand: a good workspace is strategically important for business performance how can spatial planning promote collaboration.

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There are guidelines and best practices

Successfully planning the workspace here are 5 tips to. Help you design your premises to foster collaboration. Value simplicity and fluidity regardless of the type of office you have. It must always be simple and have a layout that improves the fluidity of movement this involves having a floor ADB Directory plan that promotes freedom of movement it is better to avoid crowded spaces if you are thinking of rearranging the workspace. Do it in stages indeed. Rapid and radical changes can sometimes be unwelcome by employees give them time to understand your vision and adapt to the change look for the ideal balance between open space and closed office rather than choosing all open space or all closed offices. It is better. First of all. To seek balance and see how your employees react to changes often.

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