How to Write a Press Release That Will Be Read

It’s the last quarter of the year and your stakes are high and the first are those of gaining visibility. Credibility and notoriety. Not easy when you know that journalists’ and editors’ e-mail boxes are overflowing with messages you may read on the diagonal. With social networks and the internet, the press release has become an almost free means of communication. Increasingly used to gain visibility and get people talking about the company’s various actions and to present its new products or services, it remains a basis for establishing relations with the press. Who is the press release intended for? The objective is to send it to journalists, influencers (bloggers, youtubers, etc.

Specialists in a Niche Who Are Recognized as Experts

Who have a community and therefore visibility. You can also send it to celebrities (particularly entrepreneurs) who have the ability to be visible to a large audience and to reflect their image on you. Also think of the personalities who are recognized by their writings, their point of view…, or even the researcher, the analyst and the consultant who Bulk SMS UAE play the role of prescriber and who influence journalists because they are recognized as experts. What are the reasons for sending a press release? “Product” information : innovation, release of a new version, a new range, anniversary of a product, a product launch, commercial events “Company” information : recruitment, appointments, establishments abroad, fundraising Environmental information : social policy, societal commitment, taking up a national topic with your company (CES Las Vegas, trade shows, etc.

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What Interest for the Recipients

When you know that a journalist receives dozens or even hundreds of press releases per day.  In his e-mail box, how to attract his attention? First, before discrediting your press release, you must be convinced that you are in tandem with the journalist, the blogger… Indeed, the journalist is looking for a subject.  Which will attract the maximum number ADB Directory of readers and which will be shared. You are looking to gain visibility and attract the attention of.  For example, consumers or business angels to become a star of entrepreneurship. The media to which you send your press release seek to provide useful or interesting content to their readers.

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