How to design for print on demand

Sun Frog is a trad platform and does not integrate with other e-commerce platforms. It has analytics tools to track visits and conversions and allows you to create remarket campaigns.  For your products to look perfect, you ne to provide the design in the right format, size, resolution and color profile. Image format Most print on demand services accept PNG or JPEG files. Size The size depends on the product you want to print your design on.

The resolution for print is express in

The standard print area, e.g. on a T-shirt, is 30 cm x 40 cm (3600 x 4800 pixels). Resolution A parameter specify the number of horizontal and vertical pixels. The higher the resolution, the sharper and higher quality the images.  DPI (dots per inch). For best results, send design files at 300 DPI. Color profile Without go into technical details, it is Brazil Phone Number List recommend to save projects as sRGB. and export print-ready design files. Before order a project, make sure that the image is the right size and has been plac in the right place on the product. Typical design errors include a misplac image on a T-shirt, a square photo on a round badge, or a broken pattern. Don’t worry if you’re not a born graphic designer.

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Some print on demand sites offer pre-made designs that you can use. Sometimes they also provide design services, so you don’t ne to be a graphic designer ADB Directory to start operat in the print on demand market. Print on demand – how to succe step by step A profitable print on demand business requires not only good designs – it also requires some market effort to get shoppers to visit your website or store and buy your products.

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