Lidl Launches Its Own Suv

After sneakers and sweaters, Lidl which had already created a buzz and also riots on its shelves, some going so far as to resell them afterwards with a nice added value, the German brand is launching a low-cost SUV: the Lidl Silver crest. If we could anticipate the release of new products with the brand logo, it is clear that we did not expect to see it on the automotive market. And it’s quite normal since it was an April Fool’s Day car-motorcycle! Lidl The Dacia Duster in direct competition Officially, the site was racing: Lidl therefore wanted to launch its SUV which would be in direct competition with the Dacia Duster, from the Renault group since it would have been the same size as this one 4.30 m long.

Thus the Site Announced a Sale at a Price Lower

Than this which would have resulted in a fall in the stock market quotations of the main manufacturers. However, this joke could lead to confusion since it is not the first time that Lidl has positioned itself on the car market since it had launched a Fiat500 lease offer for 89 euros per month. Result: the 1,000 vehicles had passed in one week. It had been Bulk SMS Nepal extended on the Lidl Autos site to a wide choice, be it the Twingo, the Kia Stonic or the Clio. Lidl A construction made in China To perfect its joke, auto-moto announced that it was going to succeed in competing in terms of price with the major manufacturers, thanks to an association with the Chinese company Soueast which was to allow the company to offer a 1.5l petrol engine.

Bulk SMS List

Horses for the Basic Version Even

If the precise characteristics have not yet. The funniest thing was that it was with.  The multicolored Harlequin character (yellow, blue and red) of the famous. Lidl sneakers which were for only 13 euros (but on which many still at more than 1,000 euros a pair). It should therefore reach a cost price of less than 10,000 euros, far from the 14,990 euros of its competitor. Release date not yet set To avoid panic ADB Directory and an influx of visitors to the “fishmonger” department.  Auto-moto nevertheless nuanc its joke with a marketing that would probably only in the summer without a specific date.

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