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Ne image iting essentials, you can expose incrible photos online by using web professionals alone and achieve great programs in a flawless manner. Adding a border is a quick and easy way to make an image stand out.  to lavish and grungy, adding a border is just a matter of layer masks and using the appropriate filter. It’s also an essential technique that every aspiring graphic designer should know how to do. Once you know how, the possibilities are endless and it’s all up to your own design codes and tastes. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on adding a border to liven up your images.

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how to use features like layer masks, it’s worth taking an introductory course, such as this one on the basics. Creating Borders in The first thing you ne to do is prepare your image. In Honduras Business Email List this example, we’ll use a screenshot of the game. Let’s say we’re trying to prepare this image for a magazine spread or website banner, but we want an interesting border to fit the rest of its page theme. Border Tutorial If you want to take extra precautions fore starting to work, you can duplicate the layer your image is on by going to Layer Duplicate Layer in the top menu, or highlight the layer you want to duplicate and press.

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Step Create a New

Layer Border Tutorial Once the base image is ready, create a new layer tween the original and duplicate layers. You can do this by going to Layer New Layer in the top menu, or pressing , or ADB Directory clicking the small square icon highlight in the example image above. Either way, make sure the new layer is in tween the original layer and its copy. Popular Lessons Steps Paint the New Layer White Border Tutorial Open the color swatch and make sure the background color is set to white.

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