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Well to be taken into account by marketers if they want to have a chance to engage their audience. Leverage social data Mobile publications generate interactions , and therefore data like no other . All this data gives advertisers the power to analyze their audience’s fedback precisely, which then allows them to be more creative to adapt their message even more. To reach an audience, you have to understand it, and to understand it, you have to know how to observe and listen to it.

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The data collectd on a campaign can provide crucial information for the development of the next one, thus optimizing its targeting and Latest Mailing Database appearance for ever greater impact. Storytelling reimagind As said before, mobile usage is totally rdefining the way brands should tell their stories. Exit the TV advertisements broadcast on social networks, it is necessary on the contrary to adapt the formats. While the visual remains the watchword of communication on social networks, Facebook continues to open its doors wide to advertisers, offering increasingly innovative publication formats adaptd to smartphones . Like the Facebook Canvas format , immersive and mixing videos, storytelling, visuals of all kinds.

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A format that surpasses all others in terms of viewing and click-through rate! creativity and storytelling In another style, Facebook has ADB Directory also recently launchd the Collection format , suitable for merchants, it comes in the form of a large catalog of products, among which the Internet user can easily navigate. Optimize your visuals Many brands make the mistake of reusing the same version of.

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