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Phone in the title then they are legit To check the service we install the plugin for and for with a light theme. We also us the é plugin we learn to use in the tutorial they creat from. The spe results are very good. Free  code you will get a month of free hosting. Which domain name did you choose for your website and what hosting option will it work for you? Have you consider domain and hosting options before? Since we do not want to advertise any hosting services, we have prepar training on how to install in. Contents.

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What is Hosting or  is How to Install inWhat is Hosting or Lodging Remember hosting is the space we rent on our computers to usually host web Iran Phone Number List pages or online projects. To be able to install you ne a domain and host unless you are installing it on your own computer. What is a Dashboard is a Dashboard us primarily by hosting accommodations so that users can manage the space they rent. Some accommodations have other types of control panels. What is a from English. All in all, a program that we install on our host computer can help us manage our online projects more easily. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you review the.

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Previous lesson How to Choose a Hosting and Domain Name If you have all the concepts clear then let’s get start How to Install in  a very technical ADB Directory task but just can be done in minutes. Step 1. If we have not enter the contract accommodation and we will. We’ll get a screen similar to this one. In the installation step if we haven’t already done so we will create the domain to install. For this we will go to other domains. In the installation step step we will add the requir data and pay attention to fill in all. A confirmation screen will appear in the step-by-step installation. In the installation step and then we go to the automatic installation. In the sixth step of the installation step, we click Install Now. In the installation step step, fill in the information on.

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