Commercial premises: how to make your investment profitable?

With the vacancy rate of commercial premises in the city center constantly increasing over the past 10 years. Commercial real estate is at the end of its rope and for good reason. It is increasingly the victim of .Retail bashing. By institutional investors in this climate of uncertainty. Some cities are holding up better than others decryption of this market in full revolution is physical commerce destined to disappear? The turnover generated by online sales may exceed 100 billion in 2019 according to estimates by the fevad (federation of e-commerce and distance selling). While it was only 20 billion in 2008 this phenomenon is the result of the evolution of consumption patterns and paths (online information before the act of purchase). The lack of responsiveness of traditional retailers to take the digital shift.

The surplus of commercial surface

Supplied by the insatiable appetite for commercial real estate over the past thirty years. And finally by the massive growth of the population in urban areas the direct consequence of this spiral is a weakening of the economic fabric of the retail tradeat the national level with cascading closures of shops Colombia WhatsApp Number List in medium-sized towns and an increase in the rate of vacancies in town centers which rose from 7% in 2012 to 12% in 2018 according to procos (federation of specialized trade) the problem is such that the state recently intervened under pressure from local authorities by injecting an envelope of 5 billion euros via the .Action heart of the city. Initiative in more than 200 cities suffering the most from this phenomenon of desertification . But will that be enough? For their part.

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The national brands Which were considered

Too big to fail.. Are not spared with striking examples in the ready-to-wear sector. Which suffered the most from the rise of digital: the dismantling of the vivarte group. However. Physical commerce has not bowed out according to aurélien tert co-founder of unemplacementcom .Like any ADB Directory business. A market follows the curve of a life cycle with a phase of growth. Maturity and decline this phase of decline is underway for traditional physical commerce. Which will allow it to restructure and gradually return to the path of growth in the years to come we must not forget that physical commerce has a major advantage over the giants of e-commerce: the customer experience this human warmth is the barrier to entry for the 30 retailer and that.

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