Business relocation how to prepare well?

The question of moving the company can be a relatively delicate subject indeed. A professional move requires an even more specialized organization than that of a private move: planning the change of offices. Fitting out the new premises and finally managing all the legal and organizational aspects of the process here are the outlines of a successful move planning: from the decision to the search for offices planning is the very first phase of a business relocation process without effective planning. No change is possible it is therefore essential to anticipate all the major stages of the transition so that it is relevant to your strategy. That everyone is well informed. That deadlines are respected and that the new offices are well suited to your needs ask yourself why move before any change of this order.

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Employees may be more or less involved in the decision-making process and the development of the plan however. It is mandatory to present the move project to the works council. So that it can be evaluated this step is important not only for taking into account the human factor of the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List move but also so that no one is caught off guard and that everyone has time to organize themselves properly engage your employees: if you have not yet chosen your new premises. You can involve your employees in the choice if you have already chosen them. You can organize a collective visit respect the notice of your current premises it is strongly advised to respect the notice provided for in your current commercial lea.

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Search for offices should ideally start when

Define clear criteria and adapt the premises sought to these. Factors being guided by experts and consulting employees can also be very beneficial for. More information you can consult our article on the search for business. Premises preparation: from negotiation to organization of the move preparation ADB Directory is the second. Major phase of the process of a business move it concerns the transition from the strategic. Plan to the more operational level of the change of premises in the preparation. It is essential to properly validate the clauses of the lease in order to sign it. And to detail and coordinate the moving work negotiate. Sign the new lease and assess the need for work once the new premises. Have been chosen according to established needs and criteria.

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