Building Your Social Media Strategy

Securing a presence on social networks is often one of the first actions taken by companies on the web. But beware ! Creating a Facebook page or a Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or TikTok feed without having done adequate planning can be harmful for the company. We Are Social and Hootsuite publish key figures for France. 60.92 million Internet users, i.e. 93% of the population, 1.5 million additional Internet users, 52.60 million users on social networks, i.e. 80.3% of the population, 3 million new users of social networks in France, 5h34 of time spent online per day, including 2h19 via their mobile, 86.5% of users access the Internet via their mobile. Loss of time combined with low yield is often the final equation of the operation.

To Prevent You from Finding Yourself

On the path of wasting resources, here are some things to check beforehand. Set goals Before launching on the Internet, your first instinct should be to define what you expect from your social networks: do you want to attract customers? Is it to improve your brand awareness or the quality of customer service? Do you want to find new collaborators Bulk SMS Malaysia through this channel? Each goal will require different treatment on social media. If these media can obviously be used to retain your community of fans, you can use them for many other reasons: identifying new contacts, improving its visibility on the Internet, demonstrating your expertise… Depending on the objectives you have defined at the advance, you will be able to put in place the indicators that will allow you to monitor your performance.

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You Can Thus Rely on the Number of Visits

Don’t forget the return on investment Like any media strategy.  Social networks should help you get a “Return on Investment ROI. Build a comprehensive analysis of the returns you can get, both qualitatively and quantitatively. If it is sometimes difficult to obtain feedback, take into account that for social networks, we often speak of ROA: feedback on ADB Directory attention. A site popular and appreciated by a community will become a reference for it and Internet users will in fact give it their full attention. On the internet, the trust of your readers comes first! Use interactivity Social networks are tools that facilitate interaction with your fans and subscribers. Do not hesitate to encourage those who follow you to interact with your posts. This could strengthen their sense of belonging to your community and develop sharing.

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