Between well-being at work Environmental respect and economy

At a time of digital transition. Ecological transition and well-being at work. How to design offices? Why not opting for modular construction? A construction method that has adapted to the new requirements of society and businesses connectivity. Flexibility. Comfort for employees modular construction can only appeal to companies looking for flexibility and agility but today. She is also connected and intelligent thus. We see the appearance of .Plug & play. Desks with certain manufacturers. Offering a multiple and centralized connection (ip telephone. Internet. Power socket. Etc): each module is operational as soon as it is delivered manufacturers even offer iot sensors. To transform the modular into a smart building combining versatility and connection. The modular construction makes it possible to rethink volumes and accompanies trends.

Modular manufacturers are trying to move upmarket

Explains this same study: they rely on more comfort and quality to overcome negative preconceived ideas energy performance for the planet thus a french manufacturer now offers 3 ranges of furniture of different standings. And interior and exterior decorative elements. To combine comfort and Cyprus WhatsApp Number List aesthetics and to perfectly match market expectations. Its offer claims a perfect match with the csr approach of companies first. Its modules comply with rt2012 regulations. A guarantee of energy performance but the manufacturer also recalls that the modules. Made of steel. Glass and wood. Are 98% recyclable finally. Various equipment dedicated to the respect of resources are brought together in a pack: timed tap and non-return valves. Presence and movement detector to switch on the lighting only when employees are in the room.

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Sustainable development

To simplify the responsible approach of companies speed and flexibility for business of course. Impossible to seduce the company without economic arguments and here again. Modular construction has a playing card: a modular building has a cost substantially equivalent to that of a .Traditional. Construction. But with faster construction and a clean site result: a positive assessment. Which is accompanied by other ADB Directory advantages indeed. Whether it is a question of designing a whole set of offices ex nihilo. Or of enlarging existing offices. The modular will allow a perfect integration into its environment but above all. The flexibility of modular offices makes it possible to ideally support the variations in activity of the company. Which can adapt its configuration in the event of a temporary increase in its workforce a major asset in an increasingly cyclical and unpredictable economic context.

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