Can i track user behavior on google analytics marketing?

Google analytics marketing is a powerful tool for tracking user behavior on websites. Providing valuable insights into user demographics. Behavior. And engagement. However. When it comes to password-protected pages. The question arises: can you track user behavior on these pages with google analytics marketing? The answer is both yes and no. Let’s explore why. On one hand. If a user logs into a password-protected page on your website. Google analytics marketing can track their behavior just like any other page. This means you can see how long they spent on the page. What links they clicked. And what actions they took. This is because the user has already authenticated themselves by logging in. So the page is no longer “Password-protected” for them.

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However. There are limitations to this approach. For instance. If a user shares their login credentials with someone else. That person will also be able to access the password-protected page without being authenticated. This means that their behavior will also be tracked. Even if they shouldn’t have Australia WhatsApp Number List access to the page. Furthermore. If a user logs in and then shares the page’s url with someone else who is not authorized to access the page. Their behavior will also be tracked by google analytics marketing. To overcome these limitations. You can use a custom tracking code to track user behavior on password-protected pages. This involves modifying the tracking code to include a custom parameter that identifies whether the user is authenticated or not.

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This can be done using javascript or server-side code. With this custom tracking code. You can track user behavior based on their authentication status. So only authenticated users’ behavior is tracked. However. There are a few things to keep in mind when using custom tracking codes. First. It’s important ADB Directory to ensure that the custom code is only executed when a user is logged in. This is because the code will be ineffective for users who are not authenticated. And it will slow down the page’s load time if executed unnecessarily. Additionally. You should ensure that the custom code is secure. As it will contain sensitive information about the user’s authentication status. In conclusion. While it is possible to track user behavior on password-protected pages with google analytics marketing.

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